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Counselling & Psychotherapy in London, Camden with Glen Gibson, BACP & UKCP accredited experienced professional counsellor & psychotherapist.

Relationship Counselling & Marriage Therapy

In London Counselling & Psychotherapy Services in Camden you may be offered relationship counselling, marriage therapy for your relationship or marriage problems, love addiction, co-dependency in relationships, fear of commitment, rejection, abandonment, intimacy & sex in relationship, affairs, infidelity & unfaithfulness, envy, jealousy, emotional abuse, pregnancy, children & parenting issues and also relationship breakup & divorce counselling.

Counselling For Addictions

Counselling & Psychotherapy in London offers also counselling for addictions, including (but not restricted to) alcoholism or alcohol addiction counselling for alcoholics, addiction to games & gaming, internet addiction or computer addiction therapy, social networking addiction therapy, shopaholism (oniomania) or shopping addiction, gambling addiction, internet pornography & online sex addiction.

Other Issues Counselling & Psychotherapy Can help With

In Central London based Counselling & Psychotherapy practice you can also be offered depression counselling, stress, fear & anxiety counselling, anger management counselling, grief & bereavement counselling, lack of assertiveness, low self-esteem & confidence building, therapy for procrastination, indecisiveness, lateness, counselling for sexual problems, loneliness & feeling lonely, existential counselling for midlife crisis, therapy for effects of bullying & being bullied, counselling for dyslexia, counselling for men's problems, work-life balance counselling, workplace counselling

Counselling Approach

In counselling & psychotherapy the accredited and experienced counsellor & psychotherapist Glen Gibson welcomes & respects people's uniqueness & diversity and responds respectively to each person's circumstances. He is experienced in providing counselling & psychotherapy to women & men, young & old, straight & bisexual, lesbian & gay, white, black or mixed race, of many nationalities & cultures, those who are religious, spiritual, atheist or agnostic. What clients value the most is feeling comfortable with the counsellor & psychotherapist.

Counselling Directory London

Counsellors, psychotherapists and other therapists and therapeutic professionals are welcomed to add URL (add website) to my Counselling Directory page, free of charge if reciprocated.

Central London Counselling & Psychotherapy Services in Camden
020 7916 1342